Jay Abraham on How to Position Your Free Stuff and Lead Magnets to Have Higher Perceived Value

If you want to crack open your “business third-eye” so that you can’t stop seeing ways to make money and business opportunities everywhere, Jay Abraham’s your man.

After applying his wisdom, I had a failed project in 2011 turn into low 5 figures (pure profit, excluding time) for 7 months via Amazon’s KDP that still pays me peanuts, 8 years later.

Study everything you can find by him. Especially his Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got book and his Mr. X book.

Titans of Direct Response Clip from Jay Abraham’s Interview – Moving the Free Line

“Free” is so marginalized it doesn’t matter

What Jay Prefers:

“Articulate and revere what has gone into making whatever item you are gifting, in a way that it’s respected”


Make them understand that there is an EXPECTATION of an action for them to make

An example he gave to rephrase into copywriting language

“We’ve spent 5 years and 50,000 hours studying this and we’ve come to conclusions that, to our knowledge no one else has. We’ve spent a year and half refining it. We’ve now put it into a form in which you can grasp it, act on it, and it’ll instantly impact the performance of ______.

It’s the result of looking at billions of dollars of successful transactions. It would mean a lot to us to share this with you. We’d like to do it. We’d be doing it, and we’d like to gift it to you without charge and buy it for you.

But there is an expectation—a very very respectful one—if we do this, we’d like you to spend some time to seriously read it, reflect on it, and take action on it. We’re hoping that it will help you appreciate what we do so there will be an inclination to want to do business with us later”

…tell them WHY you are gifting it…instead of just “Free ______!”

Set a STANDARD explaining the “reason why” you are doing it

Tie the free thing’s value into (MAKE IT Quid pro quo) an implicit or explicit agreement of hopeful expectation on part of the potential client (but not obligatory). Says free is “demeaning.” Your “free thing” must have value

Be VERY deliberate in crafting your lead gen piece

All leads and all clicks aren’t created equal (i.e. why maximizing conversion is dumb if not accompanied by sales qualification).

Consumption matters. (Look into Sean D’Souza’s Attversumption product if it’s still available, for more info on why consumption increases your customer LTV).

Jay loves the copy for “Fisher Investments” b/c it’s always based on a quid pro quo of a future action they are hoping and expecting you to take [27 mins into his Titans Talk on Long-Term Business Strategy]

Example of some good copy to use for a future lead gen PDF:

Fisher Investments’ Private Client Group offers personalized money management services for investors with portfolios of $500,000 or more. To schedule a FREE personal consultation,* so you may fully understand the benefits that our private clients receive, please mark “YES.”

Conclusion and Jay’s Parting Wisdom

To sell successfully, you have to help a person feel understood. So listen more than you speak. Use active listening to reflect back what the person has told to you.

Does your free thing convey that you’ve LISTENED to your target audience?