Perry’s influenced my thinking a lot because where others “think outside the box,” he helps you understand that there is no box, just opportunities to solve problems and get equity in a business and become a market juggernaut by doing so.Read his Rosetta Stone salesletter and focus in on the equity strategist section to see what I mean (And yeah, I know John writes most of his copy.)

The end goal is always Ownership, Ownership, Ownership! as Felix Dennis said.

Think deeply about and apply Perry’s wisdom and think about ways you can own the market, a business, a niche, etc. or even get equity in a star company.

Some of the notes are disjointed, almost stream of consciousness style. Don’t let that stop you though.

What “ordinary” thing do you possess that’s really extraordinary? Answer that question and adding some zeros to your income might not be as impossible as it seems.

In the modern world what you [continue reading…]