Webinar Blueprint notes from Jason Fladlien & Russell Brunson (plus an uncommon very profitable webinar business model)

Fladlien’s done over $50MM in webinar sales online. Brunson done $10MM inside of a year partially due to webinar.

Bought this product last year. These are my notes.

Also included is a cool way that Jason makes money with webinars that you should try out.

Russell Brunson [RB]: Did JV webinars after using a Stage Script that converted at 30%, (turned that script into a webinar script) how he grew ClickFunnels to $10MM in one year.

Jason Fladlien [JF]: Trained audience to associate his webinars with GREAT value

JF: Webinar Goal to him = make you feel like (and know) you’ve gotten more insight on this topic than anywhere else

JF: Covert selling

  • Real learning doesn’t happen until behavior changes
  • Webinars should provide an identify shift (one way is breaking down false beliefs. Andre Chaperon’s Sphere of Influence product teaches this the best, IMO)

RB: Big Domino i.e. What’s the one belief I need them to believe that will make them invest in my offer

  • What Todd Brown calls the “Marketing Thesis”
  • Big Domino’s supporting legs = Vehicle + Internal belief + External belief
  • Stories = busting false beliefs to provide an identity shift
  • Origin story should MATCH your audience (can’t tell his potato gun story to sales people at Grant Cardone’s event. Needs new origin story)
  • Fladlien’s “identity shift” = Brunson’s “breaking false belief”

JF’s Defined Outcome = Brunson’s One Big Domino

Fladlien on overcoming objections

Don’t disagree: agree, amplify, and re-frame

Example: “Absolutely the price is too high, but for the right person the price is a great deal”

What makes a great sales pitch on a webinar?

Good sales pitch = make the offer stack ridiculous + special offer (all these things are value-add)

Offer them a webinar-only price, that goes up for the replay buyers

On how to provide instant gratification when selling on stage

Stage selling: How do you make “access immediate” for live events like you would with selling an online course?

“For the first 60 people, the training starts tonight, in my suite. Because I’m going to tell you 3 secrets I didn’t have time to share on the stage.”

1. Gotta have a big enough room to were if 61 comes up
2. Find a way to serve those who missed out: “We maxed out on the offer, if you can’t make it until tonight, we got the suite (or a bigger venue) for another day to serve you”

How to Sell Webinars as an Affiliate

Write a pitch, show it to person, “then we can talk about revenue split later because I want help make you a lot of money”

Make one webinar, then GROW your list, don’t make new webinars over and over

Scale a company = make one webinar and then “take it on the road”

Jason Fladlien’s Biz Structure as of Feb 2018

The uncommon, very profitable webinar business model

It’s an underrated and somewhat uncommon way to make money with webinars. Whoever is doing this, isn’t talking about it a lot

Gist = Pitch Other People’s Products.

JV [joint venture] with others who have an audience, write the Webinar + the Offer AND PITCH IT, take % of profits

Kensho Biz Idea 1
How to scale this once working: Find someone who is good at pitching, hire them to go pitch the webinar for you once your webinar is a well-oiled machine profit-wise.

Kensho Biz Idea 2
Build the offer with your audience. If you don’t have an offer, approach someone that does (having already written the webinar / offer), tell them you’ll do all the work (writing the webinar, setting up the tech, even presenting it and bragging about you in ways you can’t brag about yourself)

TIP: Find ways to bundle their offer and turn it into something VERY SEXY

What your offers MUST be

Offers must be VERY sexy and VERY exciting

Training ISN’T exciting

Find all the tangible things that are annoying to get if someone were to buy your thing, and go get all that produced for them

Increasing Your Webinar Conversion Rate

1. Have your sales copy and slides follow Jason Fladlien’s Genius Webinar outline. Russel Brunson’s Perfect Webinar framework is a child of that framework. That’s how good it is.

2. Find a way to delay the buying decision for them:

Don’t make the decision now, use the product, get ____ ____ ___ results, and then think about how much it’s helped you and how much that was worth to you

3. “The only way to get these bonuses is to buy [your affiliate offer / offer]”

This shifts the focus from “here’s what I’m paying/sacrificing” to “here’s what I’m GETTING”

4. A webinar [should] gives them an experience they can’t get anywhere else

5. JF: Sources and Licenses the bonuses he offers
Example: I bought the coach for you. I paid him/her ____ on your behalf. I’ve already invested that money.

NOTE: Can only do this for $1000+ offers, else the #s don’t work

Bonus idea: instead of a “here’s how to do it” make the bonus, “If you buy my offer, I’ve already paid for you to [thing they don’t want to do], and this solution doesn’t require your effort”

Example of imeplementing the bonus idea: Make a deal with someone (pay them, profit share, barter etc, where if your client meets XYZ criteria, the client will get ABC from the Deal Partner) Another example: “I’ve got a funnel builder who can do it for you”

Example of Jason’s sales language:
“For every one step I ask you to take, I take 10 steps for you”

6. This one’s so good it gets it’s own box

GOAL = Create an offer that can’t be beat. Make it such that they never have to look outside of you for what they need.

Take a portion of your sale and USE IT to INVEST IN THE CUSTOMER

JF: Sells a free live event as a bonus on the webinar

Find a way to get your competitors to contribute to your offer, so that can’t really compete.

7. How Fladlien’s company offers everything their competitors offer PLUS ALL THE STUFF they don’t offer [for webinars]

List everything down, don’t limit it

Then say: “If I had to do any one of these, which one of these excites me the most”

Then say: “If I had 48 hrs to create it, how could I create something that someone could read / consume it ONCE and get a benefit” Outsource it?

Biggest webinar problems Fladlien and Brunson notice

(in no particular order)

1. Teaching too much
2. No urgency or scarcity
3. Offer Sucks
4. Spending money on ads too early

  • 48-72hrs = Sweet Spot?
  • 6 days of ads before the webinar = WASTED MONEY bc most of those people don’t show up or don’t buy (Kensho note: this isn’t true for all markets / audiences, so be sure to test. We’ve had people sign up 15+ days in advance and show up to our webinars) <,li>

JF: Scarcity is the #1 powerful thing to get someone to spend money

JF on pitching: Empower a beginner, challenge a successful person

The “REASON WHY” is important for scarcity.

Scarcity must be TRUE (and ideally) beneficial to the prospect

Resource constraint scarcity: “I want to help everyone but there’s a line because I have limited time and resources”

JF: Likes to stack scarcity

Basic scarcity types

  • Price every goes up
  • Bonus goes away (“Our plan is sell them later so they’re going away… etc.”)
  • Offer goes away
  • They’ll only get a portion of the thing in the future instead of the whole thing
  • Event-based scarcity
  • Collector’s Edition bonus (E.g. “I signed a contract saying I can’t sell this bonus, here’s proof” is one example)

After the basic scarcity types, it’s a matter of Positioning, PayOff, and Believability

JF likes to STACK all of the scarcity types in

JF: “Out of every product/service I could create, which one would you want the most?”

Misc Tips

  • JF: Puts himself in a state of gratitude, then excitement, then amplify them THEN hops on the webinar
  • Landing Page idea to build email list: “Here are my favorite videos from __________. Opt-in to get it.” Then Target that person’s audience on Youtube / FB
  • JF: The content isn’t important. It’s “What type of content will get my audience to take me up on my offer because it”
  • JF: Hunt for “proof elements” for products. Great Story on Reddit = proof element. Example: Who has an incredible story we can pay them for? Find them then say: “If I pay you $500, can I interview you for an hour?
  • Webinar = visual format…SHOW it in action. Demonstrate it, instead of just talking about / having text about it.
  • Auto-webinar Every 10 minutes = highest converting Auto-webby for RB. In that 10m, he uses it for persuasion / pump-up. Only shows it happening in the next 10 minutes without any time selectors
  • Webinar Pitch = Push people to a phone call “Some come in at $2k, some come in at $10k, where do you see yourself at?” (more expensive one converts at about 10%)
  • Lean into objections, don’t “handle them” Agree and Amplify
  • Stack Post-Hypnotic Suggestions/Command during the “2 choices close”
  • JF studied Zig Ziglar closes for 6 months straight. Took “Secrets of Closing the Sale” closes wrote them down on an index card
  • WRONG way to use bonuses: not having a reason why + ones that’ll cause objections
  • Risk reversal is very important for increasing conversions
  • Link the guarantee to matching their money back guarantee to a CHARITY OF THEIR CHOICE + picture proof of the receipt

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