The Anatomy of Yuri Elkaim’s Million Dollar Webinar Script (Healthpreneur Got Funnel Hacked)

This webinar has made Yuri close to, or well over $1 million in revenue. I know this because I have a client (as of April 2019) who is friends with him. I installed a similar webinar script + built the infusionsoft automation + an Asana SOP in that client’s business in 2018. Their LTV is 5 figures, product costs 4 figs (is recurring), and average client retention is 9 months.

Proof (fine if you don’t believe it, but still had to provide receipts. Click for larger version.)

The format will go

1. [Slide Pic]
2. Commentary underneath, if any. some of the language is what Yuri said while the slide was up.


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Actual Webinar Script

You can use this to script your own webinar. Study this one well, because if you’re willing to put in the work, maybe you can get the same results or better (I had a LOT of room for improve in the results above). I can’t make any promises however. Most people are lazy. But that means if you’re reading this site, you already have an advantage over them.

Let’s go.

Slide 1

YuriElkaim-1 Slide

Welcome to {Title}

I’m going to show you [reads subtitle]

Tells them to get something to take notes because we have lots of great stuff to cover

And just in case you don’t know me, I’m _______ the [Job Title]of [Company] and I special in helping [Group of people] get [Desired results] with less stress

Slide 2

YuriElkaim-2 Slide

Reads slide, then says: “because I’m going to present some ideas that are novel, a
little bit controversial, and I want you to keep an open mind to perhaps consider this
as a smarter and better option to really building your _________ [Online course funnel, Gym, construction biz, etc.]

Slide 3

YuriElkaim-3 Slide

Reads slides, and then says

Now this all means that you can better serve your patients, and honestly, in about
less than ______ hours per week while [desired thing. (for Yuri’s audience it was
“while working from anywhere in the world without being tied down to a clinic, gym, or

And again… you can do all this while creating exceptional results for the patients you
serve so that they ______ and happily refer more business your way

[Engagement Q]: Does that sounds good? {Starting them off with getting small yes’s. Yes ladder technique from NLP}

[Waits shortly for response]


Slide 4

YuriElkaim-4 Slide

Background pic about 30% opacity: arm sticking out of the sea, to indicate
“drowning”. He got it from Unsplash:

Says “Let me know if you can relate to this”

Slide 5

YuriElkaim-5 Slide

After second bullet, he says: “You get close, or [laughs] sometimes very far away but not quite getting to what you want to get to. You seem like you’re setting the same goals every single year and if so, I want you to understand that [NEXT SLIDE]

Slide 6

YuriElkaim-6 Slide

[reads slide] and actually I’ve got great news for you because [NEXT SLIDE]

Slide 7

YuriElkaim-7 Slide

{Old copywriting trick, tell them it’s not their fault things have been going wrong, and REFRAME those “Can you relate” problems/emotions as “the real problem is _____ [revelation that the OLD WAY is wrong] }

“The way others are telling you, you should ________ is really a dying model.

{Rapport building + Proof Elements to Prove: “I’ve been where you’ve been”} At end of slide: “the reason I can share this with you is because I actually did [the old dying model]. Let me give you an example of this


Slide 8

YuriElkaim-8 Slide

Talks about how he spent a lot of that time doing a lot of nonsense that doesn’t move the needle…things that others in their market are telling them to do [OLD WAY things]

Tell them that “[strategy commonly told to do to get X] is nice to have, but if that’s your strategy…if that’s what you hope will drive your business forward…it’s going to take you a long time”

[Pours more salt into wound]: “And the problem on top of that, most [audience’s job role / your audience’s commonality like “personal trainers” or “Instagram influencers”] don’t even know how to [properly do a tactic used by the common strategy].

“So I’m not suggesting you do this. I’m just showing you that I’ve DONE this and I want to show you a better way”

Slide 9

YuriElkaim-9 Slide

Says “So does that mean you should [still do the old way]? Do you have to do all that stuff?”

{Begins belief-busting here}

“If you love doing that…cool. But let’s not get confused with what actually moves the needle for your business. Which I’ll get to in just a moment {Open Loop to keep engagement / hook}”

“I love [old way thing], but here’s the reality of [old way thing] {Gary Vee}:”

{This further drives home the point and breaks false belief about the old way}

  • 15+ years of endless grind
  • 18 hr days
  • Constantly on phone
  • Rarely sees his kids
  • Doesn’t monetize his following (because his company does marketing for fortune
  • 500 companies) {Shows them WHY they aren’t in the same boat, AKA why
  • Gary Vee ISNT the model to follow}
  • Has a huge production team (500+ employees)

“So my question to you is: [READS LAST BULLET]?” “Do you really want the type of life where you’re [hammer home the insane bullet points above]

“It’s an endless , vicious circle of to a life of…misery…in some cases. Of course not every is ________, but it’s a very convoluted path to [desired outcome]”

{The OLD WAY things don’t move the needle…but these [Fancy Name for NEW WAY THINGS] do} “So what’s I’ve discovered is that there are actually 9 business accelerators”

Slide 10

YuriElkaim-10 Slide

Talks about the accelerators:

“Once you apply them into your [practice] They help you go from {NAY to YAY}: struggle to success, from doing OK to absolutely crushing it, and what’s cool is that these accelerators provide a nice framework that gives you a clearer, simpler, faster road map to {Desired Outcome}[attracting better customers and clients] while
really {Another Desired Outcome} [10x’ing your profit or more] ”

“And I’ll show you some precise examples of this in just a few minutes” {open loop to keep them hooked}

Slide 11

YuriElkaim-11 Slide

Talks about the accelerators:

“Once you apply them into your [practice] They help you go from {NAY to YAY}: struggle to success, from doing OK to absolutely crushing it, and what’s cool is that these accelerators provide a nice framework that gives you a clearer, simpler, faster road map to {Desired Outcome}[attracting better customers and clients] while
really {Another Desired Outcome} [10x’ing your profit or more] ” “And I’ll show you some precise examples of this in just a few minutes” {open loop to keep them hooked}

Slide 12

YuriElkaim-12 Slide

Background of woman in hammock, relaxing on her phone

All these “With This Framework slides” = {More Desired Outcomes}

Slide 13

YuriElkaim-13 Slide

“Just like you all over the world” = {Proof that it’s been done by many others, i.e. “this stuff works” }

Slide 14

YuriElkaim-14 Slide

{He’s getting them excited about the framework by saying/listing all of their desired outcomes}

Also addresses the other large segment of his audience:

“Or if you’re somebody who’s more of an influencer or someone who sells supplements, you’ll be able to [sell more of them] and [increase the customer value or the Avg Order Value of every transaction] while [better serving your audience] and, [bring more profits into your company and allowing you to grow
things properly]

Slide 15

YuriElkaim-15 Slide

Slide 16

YuriElkaim-16 Slide

With This Framework slides told them they could {Listed all the YAYS i.e. desired outcomes} now this slide is about Listing all the NAYS i.e. common pain points } {This Transition makes the next slide make sense } “The reason why I share this with you is because [I’ve been through all this stuff. The good, the bad, and the ugly]” [NEXT SLIDE]

Slide 17

YuriElkaim-17 Slide

“So let me introduce myself” “Now I want to let you know how it all started” {Needs that phrase to transition into
his rapport building “See I’m like you” story-section of the next few slides}

Slide 18

YuriElkaim-18 Slide

{He knows his market will HIGHLY RELATE to this story, which is why he told it}

Slide 19

YuriElkaim-19 Slide

“[…] It just took a long time. I was [creating products] and [chasing shiny objects]. I had [no focus], [no proven path or strategy to follow]. I thought I was going to continue working myself into the ground and eventually it would all work out”

{Story Hints at turning point which just so happens to be what he’s going to sell them later. Covert belief-busting wrapped in a line of a story} “Well it didn’t. And I made an important decision at the end of 2009 to finally get some coaching. And when I did so the following year, that was the inflection point in my business.”

“And after implementing and learning a lot of the principles of how to build a business, marketing, and all that good stuff…I was finally able to crack the code.” “And since that time…” [NEXT SLIDE] {Transitions into RESULTS / PROOF (to build his AUTHORITY) the turning point led to}

NOTE: Since your story doesn’t match Jake, you can tell the story of someone else + use their proof. He WAS his audience, which was why he probably told his story

Slide 20

YuriElkaim-20 Slide

Slide 21

YuriElkaim-21 Slide

Slide 22

YuriElkaim-22 Slide

Slide 23

YuriElkaim-23 Slide

Slide 24

YuriElkaim-24 Slide

Talks about the headaches that came with the “faux success:”

  • “Felt more disconnected from my customers and quite honestly”
  • “Felt unfulfilled because I was spending most of my time fiddling around with metrics, optimizing funnels for low end products, that really didn’t attract my ideal customers”
  • “Constantly running promotions to make more money instead of truly serving my audience”
  • “So I knew deep down inside that there had to be a better way”

    And if you’ve ever felt that, then I can certainly relate” {Rapport-building} Improvement = add another YES question right here: “Have you ever felt that about your practice?”

    {Transition} “Because what was happening was I realized that even though this worked for me, because I had put in the time for 10+ years” [NEXT SLIDE]

    Slide 25

    YuriElkaim-25 Slide

    {LIST OF OLD WAY things + belief-busting question} “These do work. Don’t get me wrong, they DO work. BUT. What’s the ROI? And how fast are you going to see that ROI from doing these things?”

    {Belief-busting question} “PLUS, what’s the investment of your time, money, and resources to do that?”

    {Gives an example of one on the list and caps it off with an open loop at the end} “Like writing a book. That’s a big deal. And I’ll share one of the scariest moment of my life in just a moments about what happened when I [wrote my book]”

    {Belief-busting metaphor: “You want to do things the old way or the new and exciting way?”} “These are all great but it’s kinda like, do you want to take the horse and buggy or would you rather drive a sports car?”

    “And what I’d like to share in this training is a sports car approach that’s not {things they’re weary of} a biz-opp, or gimmicky-type of thing.”

    “It’s a systematic, predictable way of generating an amazing business that is [low stress], [less hassle], [higher profits], [more impact with your clients] ”

    “And when I started shifting away from helping people with this archaic model {OLD WAY}, to the new model I’m about to share with you, […] started to get amazing results right out of the gate”

    Slide 26

    YuriElkaim-26 Slide

    What’s the 80/20?

    “What’s moved most of the needles in our business”

    He turned that into a process

    {I.e. You’re getting a portion of what others pay for, for free”}“This is now the same model I walk all of our clients thru in our [Health Business Accelerator Workshop], which is our entry level / entry-point into everything that we teach” “The results of this simplified model” {the allure here is that it’s much easier to do}

    Slide 27

    YuriElkaim-27 Slide

    {Rapport building by telling them he has in common with them the THREE THINGS THEY MOST DESIRE} “The deeper you impact people, the more income you can command, and the more income you generate, the more freedom you have in your life”

    “I want to share with you today how to create a hassle-free 7-figure business”

    Slide 28

    YuriElkaim-28 Slide


    “Which will help you amplify what we’re talking about and get you to those results (more freedom, more income, more impact) so much faster”

    Slide 29

    YuriElkaim-29 Slide

    {Belief-busting} This “secret” (and all the others) is actually a very common objection he’s crushing

    {What are 4-5 secrets i.e. OBJECTIONS you’re audience might have?}

    Slide 30

    YuriElkaim-30 Slide

    {Rapport statement. He knows this is probably what his audience thinks. Proves he’s “Like them”}

    {Belief busting statement that helps him pick apart the 1st secret aka Objection to the NEW BELIEF he’ll present to them later which is “You need Group Coaching to build a 7-figure hassle-free business and to have those 3 things you most desire: more impact, more freedom and more income” }

    {Uses a lot of language he probably got from a survey here, that further convinces them}

    {Tells 2 stories that uses Epiphany bridges [From Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets book] which lead to the following quotes}:

    “So what I recognized over the past couple years is that Revenue is vanity, profits are sanity, and cash is king. So it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep. […] Don’t be woo’ed by the numbers you see people throwing around whether it’s their____ or anything else, because a lot of the time, what you see is not the truth.”

    Slide 31

    YuriElkaim-31 Slide

    “The new way to think about [business] is that”


    “You can’t take likes or followers to the bank can you?” {You can’t take [shiny object 1] or [shiny object 2] to the bank, can you?}

    “So how do we focus on what matters?” {TRANSITION}

    Slide 32

    YuriElkaim-32 Slide

    Alliteration in the names = memorable and catchy

    Slide 33

    YuriElkaim-33 Slide

    Too busy working IN their business, they’re not working ON their business.

    Can’t see forest for trees.

    Need to step back, and get some perspective {Is there a way to turn this part into a short engagement exercise as a way to demonstrate proof that you know what you’re talking about / help them / keep them hooked ?}.

    Slide 34

    YuriElkaim-34 Slide

    Turned #2 and #3 accelerators into an open loop

    Slide 35

    YuriElkaim-35 Slide

    “[Info products] are now a commodity” {Belief-building #1 – to prevent them from wanting an info-product. Because he’s selling, coaching, he needs to show why the other business models “aren’t the way” his way (coaching) is.}

    Slide 36

    YuriElkaim-36 Slide

    Says “I believe we’re seeing [READS TITLE]”

    {BULLET POINTS = Showing them *WHY* what they thought was a viable path, ISN’T}

    {Breaking False Beliefs Again (and setting them up for why his solution is the TRUE and ONLY viable option) }

    Slide 37

    YuriElkaim-37 Slide

    {Slide text = BIG Insight He’s Conveying}

    “What you have to remember is…”

    “Commoditization is a problem for health coaches”

    {Transition to 2nd accelerator} “Now how to we stand out from people doing the same stuff?”

    Slide 38

    YuriElkaim-38 Slide

    Slide 39

    YuriElkaim-39 Slide

    {The I help ____ do ______ = small engagement trigger here because it’ll make them think “What’s mine?”}

    Slide 40

    YuriElkaim-40 Slide

    {Back burner metaphor}

    {open loop} @ 35:08m

    Slide 41

    YuriElkaim-41 Slide

    Slide 42

    YuriElkaim-42 Slide

    {REASON WHY you need to do what the previous secret was} / {Convince them}

    Belief-busting 1

    Slide 43

    YuriElkaim-43 Slide

    {Breaking another false belief using a LOGICAL QUESTION}

    Belief-busting 2

    Slide 44

    YuriElkaim-44 Slide

    {He’s been speaking to coaches this entire time. SWITCHES IT UP to address ANOTHER BIG SEGMENT of his marketplace}

    {Metaphor to strongly break their belief: “You’re Rolls Royce or You’re WalMart. Don’t play in the middle”}

    Belief-busting 3

    Slide 45

    YuriElkaim-45 Slide

    {More Proof Using a Strong Metaphor and Visual to Break The Objection / Belief that is Secret #3}

    {Kern used this same metaphor in his Consulting Webinar years ago. So chances are Yuri or someone who wrote this webinar watches Frank Kern’s stuff}

    Belief busting 4

    Slide 46

    YuriElkaim-46 Slide

    {belief-busting 5}

    @39:19 – 39:35 = shows REASON WHY premium pricing is better aka belief-busting

    He’s spending a lot of time busting this belief…must be a big one in his market

    Slide 47

    YuriElkaim-47 Slide

    {belief-busting 6: REASON WHY belief-buster bullet point stack}

    {Sprinkles in some “Right?”s to get them to say YES} Small YES’s = micro-commitments = can lead to the BIG YES (aka investing in your offer) }

    Slide 48

    YuriElkaim-48 Slide

    Belief-busting 7

    Slide 49

    YuriElkaim-49 Slide

    Belief-busting 8: {Starting to indoctrinate them on his offer: “Instead what if we
    had ________. Show them proof of why it’s better}

    Slide 50

    YuriElkaim-50 Slide

    { You can turn your (old thing) into the (new way thing) }

    Slide 51

    YuriElkaim-51 Slide

    {Objection handling another major objection to the “You need to charge more” secret }

    {METAPHOR he uses to crush objection: There are always people who want to fly first class because it gives them a better experience, and a better result}

    Slide 52

    YuriElkaim-52 Slide

    {Showing them how they can charge higher prices}

    {“Do you need to convince a woman who loves shoes to buy a new pair of shoes. No. But you CAN NOT convince someone who sees no value in shoes, to buy a new pair of shoes”}

    {All that belief-busting leads up to getting them to believe the NEW WAY on the next few slides}

    Slide 53

    YuriElkaim-53 Slide

    Slide 54

    YuriElkaim-54 Slide

    { Strong Examples of ”Why (NEW WAY) is better than (OLD WAY) }

    {“So this [group coaching model] is catching on big time} Great time to segue into talking about DSOs being the future and how many people are moving to this route “You can charge more than you can on a 1on1 situation because _______”

    {Hammers them with more CLAIM statements and backs it up with logic}

    Slide 55

    YuriElkaim-55 Slide

    Slide 56

    YuriElkaim-56 Slide

    Transition: “Now let’s move on to, how we deliver results for someone and this is what I call the Dream Come True System. It’s made up of 3 of these business accelerators.”

    Slide 57

    YuriElkaim-57 Slide

    Your webinar / messaging itself could benefit from answering this question “If you can solve them, then you can command a premium price point” {If you can (DO X) then you can [do the NEW WAY thing] }

    Slide 58

    YuriElkaim-58 Slide

    Slide 59

    YuriElkaim-59 Slide

    “This is your secret sauce”.

    What Eugene Schwartz or Todd Brown would call your unique mechanism. The thing / process that makes your product or service different.

    Slide 60

    YuriElkaim-60 Slide

    {Example of how putting all 3 of the previous accelerators might look}

    {Why this model is the way to go [for him, Group Coaching instead of 1on1 coaching] }

    Slide 61

    YuriElkaim-61 Slide

    {Objection handling via a quote}

    Slide 62

    YuriElkaim-62 Slide

    Slide 63

    YuriElkaim-63 Slide

    {VISUAL DEPICTION: The old way looked like this [aka complicated and hard]}

    {show them something overwhelming here}

    “But I don’t want to overwhelm you. All you have to do is [NEXT SLIDE] show someone you can help them, by actually helping them” {I swear to God everyone literally just copied Kern for a while in the internet marketing webinar space. Kern said this years ago in his Consulting Webby}

    Slide 64

    YuriElkaim-64 Slide

    {The easiest to do that is ______ or _______ then _____. You don’t need [complicated thing], [hard thing to do 2], or [long time to complete thing] }

    Slide 65

    YuriElkaim-65 Slide

    Slide 66

    YuriElkaim-66 Slide

    “Here’s how it looks”

    Slide 67

    YuriElkaim-67 Slide

    “Success should be simple. Not easy, but simple. Far too many people complicate things, and I was one of them. But I realized over time that my unique genius is simplifying complexity.”

    “We’ve gone through the jungle and chopped through all the weeds and figured out what’s the simplest path to get from A to Z. And that’s what we’re presenting to you here”

    Slide 68

    YuriElkaim-68 Slide

    {Priming them to believe they need to TAKE ACTION NOW}

    “They don’t need you to [old way thing 1] or [old way thing 2] or [old way thing 3]. We need to make a difference NOW. People are suffering that you could help now. Starting literally tomorrow you could be up and running and ____________” but in order to do that you need [NEXT SLIDE]

    {He probably got this from Ben Settle or Jay Abraham}

    Slide 69

    YuriElkaim-69 Slide

    “Trying to do this stuff on your own, it will be a tough journey”

    Slide 70

    YuriElkaim-70 Slide

    {belief-busting the Secret} + {cementing his NEW BELIEF}

    {Twists a common phrase to bust the “I can do it on my own” belief}

    “Heard the behind every great man is a woman? It’s true. But for health entrepreneurs it’s a coach”

    “Here’s the thing, if you’re a coach and don’t have a coach…that’s little but hypocritical” {Belief-busting by logically calling them out on something that’ll make them go “Dang I didn’t think of it that way” kinda thing}

    Slide 71

    YuriElkaim-71 Slide

    {Further cementing this new belief with an example they can relate to} Asks this question to all the guests on his podcast, 90% of them have said “get a coach or mentor”

    Slide 72

    YuriElkaim-72 Slide

    {VERY DESIROUS Chain of events in his favor…that ALL STARTED with the “Get a coach” belief he’s hammering home}

    {More proof to cement that NEW BELIEF he brought up}

    “All great things in my business, happened as an indirect result of investing in a coach or mastermind}. I struggled when I tried to do this all by myself. And I’m telling you, it’s not just me. Every single person would be better if they had a coach who could provide expertise and wisdom as well”

    Slide 73

    YuriElkaim-73 Slide

    {some Indoctrination Theory going on (see pages 47-50 in Ca$hvertising for more on this method): showing them what to look for in a great _______. CLASSIC direct response tactic to provide value while showing you’re the only option because no one else in the marketplace is telling them this}

    “So whether or not you hire Let me tell you what you should be looking for in a blank _________”

    “SPF. Systems processes and frameworks. Keeps away the business burns.”

    Slide 74

    YuriElkaim-74 Slide

    {Cementing NEW BELIEF using a testimonial}

    Slide 75

    YuriElkaim-75 Slide

    Slide 76

    YuriElkaim-76 Slide

    {Recaps the 5 secrets}

    Slide 77

    YuriElkaim-77 Slide

    Two routes Close in Perfect Webinar from Russell Brunson

    “You can try to do things on your own and try to do what you’ve been doing, and you’re going to continue to get the same results” OR

    “You can go the smart faster way and that is” [NEXT SLIDE]

    Slide 78

    YuriElkaim-78 Slide

    Slide 79

    YuriElkaim-79 Slide

    “We do that through what we call the Result Accelerator Call” {Creating Your own terminology = differentiation / positioning psychology in their mind}

    “This is not a sales call. Yes, if there’s an opportunity to work together in the future, we can mention that. But this call will be about really helping you and guiding you thru the challenges you’re going thru and helping you get to where you want to get to, faster than you could on your own, that’s why we call it the Result Accelerator Call”

    Slide 80

    YuriElkaim-80 Slide

    {Describes what they should see when they get to that page. Instructs them to “book a time and fill out a few questions so we have a better sense of how to help you. And to see where you’re at, where you want to go.”}

    Slide 81

    YuriElkaim-81 Slide

    {Explains why the call AND why the call is a benefit to the prospect}

    “What we’re going to do on the call is get clear on the results you want to create for yourself and your practice. Then we’ll see where you’re stuck, where you want to go, and then figure out a game plan that helps you get unstuck”

    “Specifically we’ll look at a couple areas. We’ll look at [desired outcome 1], then how to [take desired outcome 1 which will give them Desired Outcome 2]

    Slide 82

    YuriElkaim-82 Slide

    {REASON WHY call is free – GREAT way of pre-empting objections, SPIN Selling style}

    “There are 2 reason why we offer this call for free: #1 It’s the philosophy of the way we do business. I really believe that the best way we can show you that we can actually help you, is by helping you […] And the second reason is that we know a % of people will want our help to implement what it is that we’re basically prescribing in terms of the game plan to [build your coaching business or help you sell more of your supplements]”

    “So if you’re interested in learning more about how we can do that, then we can tell you about our [Health Business Accelerator Workshop] toward the end of our conversation.”

    “But again, if you feel it’s not a good fit or we feel you’re not a good fit for, then by all means, no hard feelings we’ll part as friends. And at the very minimum you will have spent a good amount of time with us that will have given you a lot of value that you can at least move forward with to some degree”

    “So that’s why we offer this call to you absolutely free”

    Slide 83

    YuriElkaim-83 Slide

    {Uses this as a qualifier. A bit weak though because he doesn’t want to push
    away too many people}

    Slide 84

    YuriElkaim-84 Slide

    Slide 85

    YuriElkaim-85 Slide

    Slide 86

    YuriElkaim-86 Slide

    {Final objection handling stack}

    Slide 87

    YuriElkaim-87 Slide

    {Final soft push to this page}

    During Webinar

    Call to Action during Webinar

    Pitch Linked To This Page

    Post-Webinar Emails

    Email 1: 2 Hours Post

    Email 2: Exactly 24 Hours Post

    Email 3: Exactly 48 Hours Post

    Email 4: Exactly 72 Hours Post

    Email 5: 5 Days Post


    I don’t know if you’re still here or you scrolled to the bottom. Either way, if you want a webinar script that will convert and will help you sell better, study the slides and script above. But then put them to use for your webinar.

    Lazy and don’t want to do the whole thing? Then figure out where your attendee drop off rate is highest (Intro? Content? Pitch transition? or Pitch?) and then perform surgery on your festering section and transplant the respective “Yuri” section into your webinar.

    If you like this, give me a holler (or simply share this page with 1 person who could use it) and I might do more breakdowns like this.

    PS: Bonuses

    1. Here’s the webinar template in post-webinar email #3 above.

    2. The actual webinar

    3. Check out Jason Fladlien’s Genius Webinars video for an even better webinar template and system. Jason has sold over $100M via webinars. Only Fernando Cruz over at Agora rivals him in terms of revenue sold via webinars. Watch it. Now.